Friday, May 25, 2012

Tasting Menu treats at 25Lusk

My Bay Area list always includes the following: ramen, pizza, burgers, Mexican, Giants game(s) at the park or at a bar, day trips, happy hours, and a nice dinner somewhere new.

In my past few trips, I've had memorable dinners at Salt House, Wayfare Tavern, and Benu.  This time around I let my friends choose the restaurant.  They chose their go-to spot in the city for a celebration meal.  25Lusk, a neighborhood city restaurant and lounge that has a weekly tasting menu with a rustic, urban vibe.  That sounded perfect for a dinner with friends.

I love the interior of the lounge and the restaurant.  The lounge on the first floor is a great place for friends and for couples for get pre- or post-dinner drinks.  The cocktail menu has a lot of original concoctions that are worth tasting.  The restaurant is spacious, yet still has a cozy neighborhood feel with the darker lighting, brick walls, and wood finishes.

The meal itself was just as enjoyable as the surroundings.  While a couple of the dishes stood out more than others, the whole tasting menu was well-thought out.  I like that the chef changes the menu every week to encourage repeat customers to try more dishes.  There's also an a la carte menu if you don't want to eat or spend as much.  Compared to other tasting menus in the city, though, $78 for 5 courses (starter, fish course, meat course, cheese plate, and dessert) is not too bad at all.

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