Monday, May 07, 2012

Sake Tasting and Sushi in San Francisco

Being back in San Francisco automatically brought me back to my old weekday routine.  Roaming happy hours to socialize usually followed by finding a dinner spot nearby.

On a Monday afternoon, I met up with my friend at the bar of Palomino for their all day happy hour.  After a couple drinks and an appetizer, we headed out for a change of scenery.  The bar was too quiet (and a bit too white-haired).  So we walked around a few blocks to look for a livelier scene.

After a quick bathroom break at the nearby Hyatt, and a few tips from the concierge, we headed to Ozumo -  Japanese sake lounge/restaurant.  Sake lounge - that sounded perfect.

While it wasn't exactly the "poppin'" scene we were looking for, it was the scene we settled into.  A dark, modern, sake bar that had sake tasting flights and unique sushi rolls.  That all sounded delicious.  My stomach took over my need to socialize.

I had eaten here years ago with my family in the restaurant side.  It's a hip Japanese spot with American influences.  If you're familiar with Blowfish, it's a lot like that.

The sake tasting was fun and satisfying.  Little sips to discover the flavors while comparing it to the written descriptions.  Learning at a bar - I love it.  The sushi was refreshing and paired perfectly with the sake.  Our quest to socialize ended up being a casual night of learning new sakes.  That's still a win in my book, and in my stomach.

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