Thursday, May 17, 2012

Completely satisfying my Mexican craving

"What are you going to miss the most when you're back home?"  My last meal in the the Bay Area hours before my flight back home to Manila.  And that is the perfect question.

My response, "American or Mexican."  Both are found all over Manila and all over Asia. But there's something about eating American in the states and Mexican in California that just tastes so much better.  Even my friends living in New York say they miss the Mexican food from the Bay Area.

So on the drive from the South Bay to SFO, my friends and I stopped by Mountain View for some Mexican food.  La Fiesta is a real local spot a few blocks from downtown Mountain View.  This was my first time here, and it's not going to be my last.

The meal starts with the usual chips and salsa while waiting for our food and drinks to arrive.  I love that there are 3 kinds of salsa.  The drinks soon followed.  Our Coronas came with beer mugs with salted rims.  Salt with beer?  Did they think we were having margaritas?  Just recently, though, I actually read that a pinch of salt can do wonders for beer.  I've heard this about hot chocolate and coffee.  I've tried it with both: love it in hot chocolate, and one time was enough to try it in my coffee.

How was it with beer?  "Interesting" and "different" were the 2 words we kept saying.  It was definitely a learning experience.  Will I try it at home?  Definitely not if I'm by myself wanting to enjoy a good beer.  But, if I'm entertaining friends and the conversation comes up, then sure I might give it another try.

As for the food, this meal completely satisfied my Mexican cravings.  The enchiladas were doused with a special sauce that hit the spot.  I've been home for a week and I'm already looking forward to eating here the next time I'm back in town.

(While this was my last meal in the Bay Area, there are still several posts to come from my trip.  Next week features crepes, pizza, and a tasting menu!)

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