Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bringing Back the Happy Hour Tradition

Blowfish Sushi, Santana Row
I've only eaten in the restaurant once, but I have been the bar/lounge several times since I turned 21. They have a great selection when you're in the mood for summer drinks - a little sweet and very refreshing.

Mango Mojito
I love mojitos! It's one of my favorite summer drinks. I love the mixture of lime and muddled mint. This mango mojitos takes it a step further by adding some mango puree. So delicious!

Pear Spritz
This is my second favorite drink here. It's house sake, with orange liquer, fresh pear soda, and a squeeze of lemon. Another refreshingly fun drink.

Japanese version of bar nuts. Mmm!

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Rini said...

I can almost taste the Pear Spritz now. aaaahhh I miss happy hour with you!