Sunday, September 27, 2009

Heaven's Dog

Ever since Charles Phan opened Heaven's Dog in the beginning of the year, I've been so curious about the place. I love Slanted Door and Out the Door. It's Vietnamese food at it's finest (in terms of taste, presentation, and ambiance). Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Phan's Chinese establishment. The food's taste and authenticity is lacking, and it doesn't have that Charles Phan magic.
The Menu

The Inside
Nicely decorated.

Edamame Salad
With pickled mustard greens, bean curd ribbons, and chili oil. The chili oil was a bit overpowering. The dish was too one dimensional.

Shanghai Dumplings
This wasn't bad at all. Actually, it was good. If I ever had to come back here again, I would definitely order this.

Braised Pork Belly in a Clam Shell Bun
David Chang ruined this dish for me. It was delicious, but it was no where as good as Momofuku Ssam Bar's pork bun.

Beef Curry Puffs
This was pretty good, but it didn't impress me. It tasted like Strait's Samosas, but Strait's is better.

Char Sui
We ordered this thinking it was the char sui bao(bun), but it was just the meat. It was okay.

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