Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Hello Again, San Diego!

I found myself in San Diego for a second time this summer. The city is growing on me. A beach town and a city - that's my kind of getaway. I was there with friends for the Street Scene music festival, a 2 day concert in downtown San Diego. It was an amazing weekend.

In n' Out, All over the 101.
This is a standard stop for any California roadtrip. Cheeseburger, Animal Style. That's my usual order. It never disappoints.

Breakfast at Chez Trevor
After a long roadtrip, I woke up the smell of bacon and banana pancakes. I'm not just raving about these pancakes because they were made by a friend. No way. I would say something like, "They were pretty good," if I didn't think they were the best. These pancakes were awesome! It's the best I've had because of the mashed chunks of bananas, and most of all, the crispy edges. Yum!

Taco Fiesta, Midway
After an afternoon at La Jolla Shores, we came to this local spot for an early dinner. It's a pretty nice place for tasty Californian-Mexican food.

Carne Asada Fries
This was tasty! The meat was well seasoned and the fries were fresh.

The Boardwalk, Mission Beach
A nice breakfast before the beach spot. The outdoor seating was great for people watching, too.
$13 Pitchers of Mimosas
Now that's how you start a day! Insider Tip: Try to get the waitress to spill a glass on your lap. You'll get a second free pitcher!

Breakfast Quesadilla
Bits of bacon and ham with the chunks of scrambled eggs and cheese. A pretty good plate of breakfast.

Basic, East Village
We were regulars here for two days straight because it was the closest bar to the concert. This place was pretty chill and had a cool scene.
White Pie
With sun-dried tomatoes, onions, sausage, and artichokes. A great pizza! Thin crust, crispy, and not oily. It passed my standards.

Until next time, San Diego!

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