Monday, October 03, 2011

Pizza in the Peninsula

Every trip to the Bay Area feels soo short. There's just too much to do. It's a challenge fitting in visits to favorite restaurants and trying out new restaurants. There are some restaurants that we visit everything single stay, even if it's just an overnighter. One required restaurant for every Bay Area visit: Howie's Artisan Pizza.

My family and I have been fans of Chef Howard since his Marche days in Menlo Park. He's a five star chef who has followed the trend of chefs opening up more casual dining experiences. What I love about this trend is that the food is more affordable, the atmosphere is more relaxed, AND the food is still of five star quality. You can't beat that formula.

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The slide show here runs on Flash. If you can't see it, check out my Flickr album: Howie's

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