Friday, October 07, 2011

Off the Grid at Golden Gate Fields

When I'm planning my trip back to the Bay Area, I always look at the schedules for concerts, Giants games, Niners games, Sharks games, and food events. One such food event caught my eye. Off the Grid was having an event at Berkeley's Golden Gate Fields. The poster totally sold me: Food Trucks, Racing, Big Hats, and Bloody Marys. What's not to love?!

The food truck spread had a pretty good variety with a nice Asian representation. It was really great to see some creative Filipino trucks, too. I tried some Sisig Fries from Senor Sisig. Totally not the real deal for sisig (which consists of pig head parts), but it's a clean, fun version. It's basically tender cuts of pork meat diced and really well seasoned. You also have a choice of chicken or tofu. It's all put together with a very Californian influence. The Sisig Fries are basically like San Diego's Carne Asada Fries.

The Bloody Marys were a bit weak and not as good as a bar, but it's was still fun to drink a huge cup during the event.

As for the races, it was a memorable afternoon at the tracks. We were fortunate to meet the marketing manager who gave us a front row tour of the tracks. We were able to get right up to the rails to get a great view of a photo finish. We even took pictures with the winning jockey (who's height matched our Asian lady height).

The slide show here runs on Flash. If you can't see it, check out my Flickr album: OtG

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