Thursday, October 27, 2011

Four Seasons Chiang Mai: Chef's Table. A Dining Experience to Remember.

Chef's Table. Eating dinner while the chef prepares your meal right in front you.

That's pretty much a guaranteed memorable dinner. The perfect way to celebrate a birthday.

The Four Seasons Chiang Mai's Chef Table was one of the most memorable meals and dining experiences I've ever had in the world. First of all, the setting is on the mountainous Chiang Mai. The Four Seasons property highlights the natural beauty and greenery.

Then, the cooking school setting makes your jaw drop with how amazing the school is set up with huge exhaust systems, cooking stations, and wooden structures.

There's also the chefs who make you feel so special and welcomed.

Finally, the Thai food is so delicious that weeks (and I'm sure months and years later) I'm still remembering the flavors playing on my tongue and warming my stomach. Great Thai food does that to you. What a night.

10 courses, an open bar, and an exclusive private dinner. All for 2500 baht (~$80USD). I've spent hundreds of US Dollars on meals in the US for great meals from highly reputable celebrity chefs. This night blows them all away.

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