Thursday, October 07, 2010

Shin Yeh 101

Whenever I travel to a different city, I always look to try the local cuisine. I feel you can get a better understanding about a culture and its people in doing so. On this trip, we were graciously hosted by Hungry in Taipei and family at Shin Yeh 101, located on the 85th floor of Taipei 101.

What a gorgeous day to dine up there! The view was perfect. The atmosphere of the restaurant, the taste, the presentation, and the quality of the food are all elements for success.

The quality and freshness of ingredients really makes a dish stand out. All of the dishes we ate were superb because we could taste the freshness and purity of all the ingredients.

If not at Taipei 101, I will definitely go back to Shin Yehs other locations to enjoy more of their menu selections.

Place your cursor above "Notes" as much pictures have captions to read more about the food shots.
Check out my Flickr album to see the pictures if you can't see the slideshow here.


joanh said...

great pics! we'll have to get you to try gua bao and run bing from the street vendors so you can compare...

Angela said...

Thanks! And yes, I'll have to try the street vendors next time too. Thank you guys again and again for such a great time and great meals!

Hassan Syed said...

Nice Pictures. What would you say is the average price per head? Thinking of getting the GF's parents there. And would you recommend going there day/night?

Angela said...

Thanks, Hassan Syed. Depending on what you order and how much you order, I think the average price per head is $20-30USD. This is a great place to host a meal, especially because of the view. I've only been there during the day - so I'd recommend that on a clear day to see the horizons of Taipei.