Monday, October 11, 2010

Bellini Pasta Pasta

My parents and I have become frequent patrons of Q Square Mall in Taipei, mainly because the hotel we have stayed at is located right next door. We have thoroughly enjoyed the Shabu Shabu restaurant, so we decided to give another restaurant a chance.

Thanks to a great video in front of the restaurant promoting the menu selections, we quickly decided to try out Bellini Pasta Pasta. Its concept is Tokyo Italian. I love the Japanese influence on Italian cuisine! And this restaurant executed it very well. Everything we ordered came out fresh, hot, and delicious!

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joanh said...

Bellini pasta pasta is one of the italian places in taipei that has grown on me... my favorites are the spaghetti with the soft boiled egg and the simple caesar salad and the thin crust pizzas.

Angela said...

Ohh, spaghetti with soft boiled egg - that sounds delicious! I definitely need to spend more time here next trip :)

guam foodie said...

haha so maybe not as good but capriciossa is tokyo italian. when you eventually try it let me know how it compares =)