Thursday, July 16, 2009


In an earlier blog, I wrote about how I can eat Japanese food every day. I've had Japanese cuisine for majority of my week -- sashimi and soba dinner, ramen, yakitori, and now shabu-shabu. Shabu-shabu translates to "swish-swish." That's the action you make when you swish the thin raw slice of beef in the pot of boiling water.

Shabuway, Mountain View
The Setup
The pot of water soon to be boiled. On the left is the sesame seed sauce which I spice up with hot oil. On the right is the ponzu sauce, which is basically soy sauce with lemon and vinegar. I like to add scallions and spicy radish.

Cabbage, Tofu, Enoki Mushrooms, Spinach, Carrots


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