Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Izakaya!

Tanto, Sunnyvale
After being told the wait at Sumiya would take one hour, my family and I ventured to Tanto, a Japanese izakaya (small plates) restaurant. I've been reading the raves about this restaurant for awhile now and was excited to finally try it out.

Buta Kimchi
I love ordering buta kimchi whenever it's on the menu. The addition of Japanese mayonnaise made this dish unique. I love Japanese mayo.

Yaki Udon
The noodles were nice and chewy. I loved that it tasted nice and smoky from the hot wok.

Crab Croquette
Light, creamy, and nicely fried! Just like Japanese croquettes straight from Japan.

Agedashi Tofu
Another well fried dish. Some agedashi tofus tend to be bland. This was not.

Grilled Pike Mackerel
Well seasoned and nicely grilled. A great fish dish.

Kurobuta Kakuni
Braised Pork. Delicious! I recommend getting this dish if you come here.

Grilled Quail
Well cooked and still tender and juicy.

Tempura Moriawase
A decent plate of assorted tempura. I have yet to find the best tempura in the Bay Area. My standards are in line with the tempura bars in Tokyo. I miss those places. They would freshly fry the vegetables and seafood right in front of you as you order.

Fried Rice with Unagi (Eel)
We were expecting fried rice, but it's really steamed rice with a poached egg. It's still a nice rice dish, though.

A solid order of potstickers. It still does not come close to Ryowa Ramen's gyozas.

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