Friday, July 24, 2009

More Pizza!!

Pizzeria Delfina, Mission District, SF
I've been reading the raves about this place since it first opened. It is consistently on food critics and food bloggers top list for the best pizza. It's now officially on my list, too. It's some of the best pizza I've had. Thin, crispy, with a lightly chewy crust. I fell in love with the fact that the bottom of the pizza never got greasy. If you don't mind a long wait, you have to try this place out!
On a side note, I would highly recommend Delfina, right next door. They have amazing pastas.

The Wait List
We were the first name on the chalkboard. We waited a good 45 minutes for our table. There are about 12 seats inside and 16-20 outside.

Our Wine
A great bottle of red that paired well with the pizzas and the entire meal.

Little Clams
Little, indeed. The sauce is delicious, but I wouldn't recommend this dish. The clams are super tiny for $16.

Yum! I recommend this if it's on the menu. The ricotta filling is light and creamy.

House Cured Pepperoni
Get this. The taste of the pepperoni is the real deal. The taste lingers in your mouth as the peppery taste slowly explodes with deliciousness.

Margherita Pizza
The true test of a great pizza is when it's simplest - the margherita pizza. This passed the test with flying colors.

Prosciutto Pie
Another hit. The prosciutto was nice and delicate. So tasty!

And another hit! The pizza had nice bursts from the bits of anchovy and olive. The spice from the tomato sauce gave it a great kick, too.

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guam foodie said...

OMG i hate you haha. i'd be happy just eating that pepperoni. thanks for making me super hungry in the morning again.