Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sweet & Savory Treats from Dial K for Kitchen

There are some childhood treats that you can't stop loving when you're already an adult. I'm talking about good ol' fashioned campfire (or fireplace or stovetop) s'mores. Graham crackers crunching over melting chocolate and flamed burnt chewy marshmallows. That's goodness.

Enter Dial K for Kitchen's Icebox S'mores. Frozen cubes of graham crackers, fudgy chocolate , and chewy marshmallow. A childhood treat twist!

And, for peanut butter fans (like myself) the Peanut Butter S'mores hit that peanut butter-chocolate spot on your palate. S'more just got even more fun!

The chicken liver is another absolute must-try. So smooth, so creamy, and so clean tasting.

This is so good slathered on bread or crackers. Or, even better, as the liver spread for banh mi sandwiches! These have been contributing to some of the highest quality Vietnamese sandwiches I've been indulging in all week. I'm happy to have a source for excellent pate now.

From the first bites, you can taste the talent behind the concept and the execution of their products. Equally, you taste the quality of the ingredients. I become an almost instant fan of anything with high quality ingredients.

The bites are indulgent, but as everything should be eaten in moderation, these delicious bites are so worth savoring. I can't wait to try more of their products.

The slide show here runs on Flash. If you can't see it, check out my Flickr album: Dial K for Kitchen


Georgina Ramos said...

What a lovely way to start our day at Dial K... thank you, Angela!

Angela said...

We love all that we've tasted so far - can't wait to try more :)