Friday, April 22, 2011

Mango Ice craving during the winter season.

Aside from Din Tai Fung, another must have during our visits to Taipei is mango ice. Unfortunately, this time around it was the winter season. So, mangoes are not one of the seasonal fruits in Taipei.

Fortunately, though, the mango ice store we visited last time creatively adjusted their menu selections. Instead of fresh mangoes, we enjoyed mango jelly. It's not overly sweet at all. The chew of the jelly is not mushy and not stiff either. It's like chewing into a perfectly ripe mango. It's pretty amazing how the jelly tasted just like a real mango in both taste and texture.

We also tried the lingonberry and lychee ice. Lingonberry ice cream with lychee jellies. The lingonberry was tart but really refreshing. It was like a combined taste of cranberries and blackberries.

The best parts of these ice desserts is the fluffiness of the ice and the sauce. The ice is like when snow first falls and it's so powdery, and the mixture of condensed milk and caramel sauce is so delicious!

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Sailor said...

That looks really delicious! My wife always eat ice cream in the winter. I kind of like it in the summer tho.

Angela said...

Ice cream in the winter hits the spot! Thanks for reading :)