Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Lunch in Yuen Long

Hong Kong is like my second home in Asia. There's so much of the city that I have yet to discover. On my last trip, I spent a couple extra days with my best friend who showed me around Yuen Long. Yuen Long is a town in New Territories that still feels like old Hong Kong. It's full of markets all throughout the day and night. People are constantly eating!

By getting lost in finding this restaurant, I was able to walk through a lot of the town. It's so cool how many restaurants and food stalls there are here. And when we finally found this particular restaurant, it was well worth the confusion.

Sichuan Potato Noodles. It's translucent and very chewy. The texture is almost like eating a firmer rice cake. As for the spice, we ordered level 2 of 5. I cannot imagine what 5 would be like!! I was already crying and sweating from this level 2. But it was so good. I'm growing to like spicier and spicier foods. It makes you hungrier for more to eat. Thankfully, I also ordered soy milk. Wow, that really helped relieve my palate and cool me down.

Following the meal, I was taken to the food stalls to enjoy some milk tea at a teahouse (which is featured here). It was a nice, small glass that I savored. This is probably best milk tea I have tasted so far!

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