Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boba (aka, Pearl Tea) - A Taiwanese Specialty

The last couple times I visited Taipei, I was just too full after meals to stuff more into more stomach. Unfortunately, that meant I didn't have a chance to taste local boba teas, also known as pearl milk teas or tapioca milk teas. I've been loving this drink since grade school when one of my brothers and his best friend, who was from Taipei, would take me to some of the better spots in the Bay Area. The criteria was not just about the taste of the tea, it was mostly about the texture of the tapioca. It had to be chewy, but properly cooked, but not overly cooked.

In our last visit to Taipei we saw these boba teas being served in huge beer mugs - so cool!! This time around, I saved some stomach space to finally try it out. At Chun Shui Tang you get this cool atmosphere of a teahouse while enjoying your huge mug of boba. The chew of the tapioca was just right and the tea wasn't overly sweet at all. A great afternoon snack.

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