Monday, November 15, 2010

At Least the Wine was Great..

Since I started drinking wines with my mom, I always look for food pairings to enhance both the wine and the food. Here in Manila we've gone to a few food and wine pairing events. Our first event, the food was good but the wine wasn't memorable. In our second event, the wine and the food were excellent. In our most recent event, the wine was delicious but, wow, the food was such a fail!

After tasting a Grant Burge port, my parents and I started tasting his other wines. All have been excellent so far. So when we heard that the winemaker himself, Grant Burge, was going to be here in Manila, we excitedly went to his dinner. The food was catered at the Old Manila restaurant in the Peninsula Hotel. A nice restaurant in a nice hotel - should be a good food night, too, right? Not at all. The restaurant was just the setting, while the food was all banquet food using frozen quality food. Plus, the servers and the managers kept defending the food thinking we didn't know what we were talking about. Salmon should not be watery, crumbly, and horrible like it was. I love salmon - when it's fresh and edible.

The night was only great because the wines were all so delicious, and I ended up drinking on a half empty stomach.

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