Thursday, April 26, 2012

Revisiting Shang Palace

There was a time in my family's eating life when Chinese food was a weekly staple.  It was our usual Sunday family/friends gathering.

Then there was a time when I took a loong break from Chinese food.  All those weekly meals made me need that separation from the routine.

These days, I really only have Chinese food when I'm in Hong Kong, China, or Taipei - it's where it's best.

But, occasionally, you just can't fight the craving.  So one Sunday night, my family went to Shang Palace.  Since we were four people, we were given a selection of set menus (the a la carte menu is also always available).  One in particular stood out because of the variety of dishes, even a Hainanese chicken course thanks to the new Singaporean chef.

From the night's meal, I was really impressed with the new chef.  He has brightened up the dishes with some delicious classics and tasty additions.  The Hainanese plate was a standout - the best I've had in Manila so far.

(Unfortunately, I went back a couple weeks later, but the poor service made us want to stand up and leave.  The manager appeased us and promised to make up for it next time.  It's unfortunate that the new chef is bringing back deliciousness, but the service does not match.)

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