Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Traditional Filipino Feasting at Mesa Filipino Moderne

"Filipino food" and "feasting" go hand-in-hand, especially when you're with family.  Without a doubt, your stomach will be filled for the night.

At Mesa Filipino Moderne, you get traditional plates of Filipino food in a pleasantly casual setting with affordable value pricing.  It's no wonder that I've never seen this place empty on any day of the week.

Some of the dishes are modernized with appealing plating.  Every dish has strong flavors, many with fun sauces like shrimp paste or tamarind sauce.

If you're looking for an affordably priced Filipino restaurant that serves good tasting selections, this is a great option.

Place your cursor above "Notes" below to read the captions for each photo.
If you can't see the slide show here, check out my Flickr album: Mesa Grill

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