Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tapas for Merienda

My parents and I had about two hours before we were going to meet up with some family for dinner, but we were already hungry. So, we went to Terry's in Salcedo Village for some tapas for our afternoon merienda (snack time). Overall, everything was very enjoyable but the tapas portions were huge.

Crispy Bacalao
Crispy little puffs filled with bacalao. Fun bites!

Tawilis Adobados
Baby sardines from Taal lake, marinated in Spanish adobo, and deep fried. Another fun order of tapas.

Fabada Asturiana
Beans with chorizo, jamon Serrano, lardoons, smoked black sausage and Spanish saffron. Yum!

Tarta Imperial Rusa
The original Russian tart served during imperial banquets. In the Philippines, where almonds and cognac were not available decades ago, this exceptional dessert was adapted into what they popularly known as Sans Rival. Delicious! I enjoyed this lighter version of Sans Rival.

Tocino De Cielo
My benchmark for tocino del cielo are the multiple orders my family got from a convent in Avila, Spain. Their egg yolks are superb, and it's reflective in their desserts. This order was pretty good, but the flavor could have been more intense and a bit less sweet.

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