Monday, May 24, 2010

Donsol, Sorsogon

Touring around the Philippines entails a lot of outdoor adventure. A group of my cousins and I took four days off and flew to the south of Luzon. We went to the province of Sorsogon to swim with whale sharks, or as locals call them, "butandings." We filled our four days with adventure and leisure activity.
Day One
Arrived in Legaspi, stopped by for photos of Mt. Mayon, and drove to Donsol. We checked into our hotel and just chilled. It was nice getting away from the city noise and pollution.
Day Two
We got out boats with our guides and swam with about 6 or 7 whale sharks! Then, later at night we got on another boat on a river to check out the fireflies.
Day Three
Woke up early again to get on another boat to go island hopping! What was so beautifully blue and warm! We visited a waterfall and had lunch on our boat by an island. What a day!
Later that night we drove to Gubat for dinner with some family. We enjoyed some fresh local Bicol cuisine. Delicious!
Day Four
Headed home

This is a slideshow of the pictures I took during the trip. I left my camera safe and dry while we were swimming with the whale sharks. These pictures are mostly of Mt. Mayon, our day of island hopping, and of the beautiful sunset.
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Note: If you visit Donsol, bring cash! They don't accept credit cards and ATM machines are far away. Be prepared!

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