Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beer Me!

Aside from family, friends and food, I look forward to the beer selection in the states. In the past few years, I've drank my way around numerous breweries in California. When I look at menus in restaurants and in bars, I try to order beers that I've never tasted before to expand my beer knowledge. When I visited the states a couple weeks ago, I enjoyed some of my favorite brews that I can't find in Asia.

Trio of Tastiness
Gordon Biersch Marzen (left), Gordon Biersh Hefeweiss (back), Stella Artois (right). Marzen is a tasty lager that has a roasted malt and caramel finish. The Hef is a refreshing beer with citrus notes. And, Stella is my first favorite beer.

Anchor Steam
One of the real San Francisco treats with bold tastes of malt and light hops.

Dogfish 60 Minute IPA
Great hops with an earthy background. (A true taste of home: a great beer at a bar while watching the SF Giants beat the Padres!)

Dogfish 90 Minute IPA
Of the IPAs I've tasted, this is so far my favorite. It's has such deep and whole flavors, including citrus, raisins, and a hint of brandy.

Trois Pistoles
Definitely one of the better Belgian beers. The flavors are full of spice, fruits, and malt. Well done, Unibroue.

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