Saturday, May 15, 2010


At this point, I had been away from the states for about three months. My cravings for my usual eats were on the front of my brain. There were some days when I could only think about Sancho's burritos and fish tacos and Prima Deli's Turkey Special, among other local foods from the Bay Area. Even though I knew I might be disappointed, I tried some places around Manila to attempt to satisfy my cravings.

Agave, Fort Bonifacio
My friend and I were both having ridiculous burrito cravings, so we decided to try out Agave. Unfortunately, our cravings were not satisfied.

Bottomless Margaritas
For 295 pesos (just under $7). It came from a pre-blended frozen mix. It was decent, but the taste was too watered down with all that blended ice.

Carnitas Solo Burrito
The burrito did not hit that food spot. It felt too minimal and the tortilla was too stiff. When it comes to burritos, I'm looking for those hearty fillings.

New Orleans Bourbon Street Steaks & Oysters, Fort Bonifacio
A couple of my friends were in town, so I took them to High Street in Fort Bonifacio. It was a nice place to leisurely walk around. We decided on this restaurant because of it's fitting happy hour feel (loud music and appetizers to share). It was pretty good. It's definitely more of a place to drink with a big group, rather than to enjoy the food.

Bloody Mary Oysters
Nice plump oysters on the half shell topped with cocktail sauce.

Fried Artichokes
Thickly coated with batter, but a decent fried dish. I love artichokes.

Steak Fries

Chicken Barbeque Nachos
What a generous order! This was decent, but I found the barbeque sauce to be too sweet (and Filipinos love sweet tasting foods and drinks. Unfortunately, I don't prefer anything to be too sweet for taste and health reasons).

Mickey's Delicatessen, Makati
My parents took me here to for lunch and to purchase some bread and delis. Overall, I enjoyed this place which helped satisfy a little bit of my American sandwich craving.

Nurnberger Pork Sausages
With sauerkraut. The specialty of the house. Nicely grilled sausages!

Home-made Back Ham and Cheese Sandwich
In a french baguette with coleslaw. Yum! A great sandwich with a tasty ham filling.

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Rini said...

Oh Agave, at least we tried to hit the spot! Good times :) I want to go back to the oyster place to try out the rest of the oyster offerings!