Wednesday, July 18, 2012

History & Remembrance at the Port of Kobe

After an early afternoon full of street snacks, lunch, and an overdose of sweets, I was in need of a brief food break (which lasted 30 minutes).

A quick stroll through the Port of Kobe is a perfect break and a leisurely stroll to get to know more about the city.  The waterfront is a destination where you'll find the Memorial Park and various other tourist attractions, like a ferris wheel.

The Memorial Park is a remembrance dedicated to the city of Kobe and the surrounding areas affected by the 1995 earthquake that devastated Japan.  It destroyed nearly 250,000 homes and buildings and took the lives of over 40,000.  It was a tragic loss for Japan and for Kobe.

This port park shows the evidence of the devastation, with remnants of the rubble.  There is also a display of photos of the restoration process.  Japan has suffered from a number of life-altering earthquakes.  Yet, with every occurrence they have poured their hearts out into restoring their cities and their lives.  It is so evident in Kobe how hard work and dedication renewed the city.  Seventeen years later it is still so orderly and pristine.  Japan amazes me in so many ways..

If you can't see the slide show here, check out my Flickr album: Port of Kobe

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