Friday, January 27, 2012

Feasting on Newari Cuisine

One last night in Kathmandu before our flight to Pokhara called for a celebratory dinner with our new local friends.

We were taken to a gem of a local spot, Bhumi, to feast on Newari cuisine. Newari food is a type of Nepali cuisine.

We started the night with shots of Aila, the local liquor. The taste reminded me of gin with the feel of vodka.

The food was memorable! Grilled, seasoned, and filled with so much flavor. I highly recommend this restaurant if you ever make your way to Kathmandu.

Place your cursor above "Notes" below to read the captions for each photo.
The slide show here runs on Flash. If you can't see it, check out my Flickr album: Bhumi Newari

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