Saturday, December 10, 2011

Top 10s of 2011: Home Cooked Meals

It's December already! Where did the year go?... As we reflect on 2011 and begin to get ready for 2012, I'll be gathering Top 10 lists during the weekends of December to reflect on my favorites from this past year.

To kick start the series of weekend lists...

My Top 10 Favorite Home Cooked Meals from 2011:
10. Home Cooked Asian Meals
9. Home Made Sake Steamed Chicken
8. Paella at Home
7. Steak Dinner
6. Spontaneous Dinner at Home
5. Home Made Porcini Risotto
4. Dinner at Home After a Long Trip
3. Lobster at Home
2. A Five-Star Steakhouse Meal at Home
1. Katsu of All Katsus

Eating at home is always as good or even better than eating out!

Next Top 10 of 2011: Home Baked!

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