Sunday, December 25, 2011

Top 10s: My Updated Top 10 Favorite Food Cities

It's time to update my Top 10 Favorite Food Cities list!

The Criteria
- Cities that I've visited
- Authenticity of the foods/cuisines
- Freshness and quality of the ingredients/products. (Say "No!" to processed foods!)
- Repeatability
- Forward-Thinking and Creativity in Presentation and Modernization

My Top 10 Favorite Food Cities
10. Shanghai
9. Chiang Mai
8. Paris
7. San Francisco/Bay Area
6. New York City
5. Taipei
4. Madrid
3. Tokyo
2. Bangkok
1. Hong Kong

After living in Asia for 2 years, I've definitely become more Asia-centric. There are so many great food cities here. The good eating never stops.

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