Friday, December 02, 2011

Almond Milk Shaved Ice in Taipei

If you can't get enough of shaved ice while you're in Taipei, then you'll definitely have to grab a bowl of Almond Milk Shaved Ice. It's the classic shaved ice elevated to a crazy delicious level.

We had our bowl in the food court of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi in Xin Yi. There are so many great options here for meals, snacks, desserts, and drinks. Seriously, in Taipei it's like your constantly full because of all the good eating.

The almond milk ice comes out like smooth, powdery, pillowy, micro fine ribbons. I highly recommend adding condensed milk which is lightly drizzled on the ice. That little touch of milky sweetness totally heightens the almond milk taste. Then another great surprise is the almond tofu hidden underneath the pile of ice. Smooth and light!

Just from looking at the freshly shaved ice, I knew this could potentially be a new favorite dessert of mine. After that first bite - love. And then after the whole bowl was wiped out - so in love. This is such an awesome dessert.

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