Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Local Eating in Saigon

The local food scene is everywhere in Saigon. And in many cases, it's mobile.

Banh Mi
Prior to coming to Vietnam, I had two dishes in mind that I had to eat: Banh Mi and Pho. For the most part, banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches in French baguettes) is sold in street carts. We passed by many carts during our trip. Before checking in at the airport, we even enjoyed one last banh mi. I love the crunch of the crispy, flaky bread and the contrasts of flavors and textures inside. Soo good!

Ta Banh Mi Thit
After researching for a banh mi restaurant, I came across this site. It's located next to the Ben Thanh market, and it was right across the street from our hotel. The store is designed mainly for take out, as there are no tables to dine in. We ordered one sandwich each and ate it at the local park. It was so delicious that we walked back to order another round.

Ca Phe Sua Da
Vietnamese Coffee with Milk and Ice. I love the rich and bold taste of Vietnamese coffee! I had at least one iced coffee each day.

Banh Mi Thit
The classic banh mi. Ham, Pork Roll, and Pate with Cilantro, Carrots, Radish, Chili Peppers, Mayonnaise and Fish Sauce.

Banh Mi Ca Sardine
Sardine Sandwich.

Wrap and Roll
This is a local Vietnamese chain that specializes in fresh rice noodle rolls.

Pork Roll
With basil and lettuce.

Pho 2000
We had plenty of choices for where to eat a bowl of pho (Vietnamese noodle soup). Pho 24 is like McDonald's/Starbucks - it's in every block. (Speaking of McDonald's and Starbucks - we didn't see a single one! Well done, Vietnam! Keep your own food cultures and standards for taste and health.) We opted for Pho 2000 because it was not a chain like Pho 24.

Clinton Was Here
Bill and Chelsea helped bring The Slanted Door to fame. I'm a huge fan of that place, so that made me think this pho place was going to be pretty good.

Coconut Juice

Beef Pho
A thicker noodle than what I'm used to, but overall the broth was flavorful and the bowl was satisfying.

Fresh vegetables to add to our soup. I love how the aromas and the fresh taste adds so much depth to the dish.

Grilled Pork Chop over Rice
We're big eaters, so we ordered this plate to share.


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Ravenous Couple said...

those bananas that lady is carrying is perfect for chuoi chien (fried bananas)!

Walter said...

What a great post - mmmm, making me hungry, especially the pork chop on rice. Just waiting to be covered in fish sauce and then eaten (very quickly!).

Angela said...

@Ravenous Couple I loved the fried bananas in Vietnam!....I just saw your blog - that's a great recipe for them!

@Walter - Thank you! Grilled pork chops and fish sauce are made for each other! Mm!

Zinnia said...

I want a Vietnamese coffee! Sad to say, I don't think I've ever even tried one here, but I love that you just endorsed it because now I'm going to get it the first chance I get.