Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Ice Cream Parlors in Saigon

When I was a kid, one of my favorite memories of traveling in Europe during the summer was eating from the ice cream carts wheeling around the city. When I'm traveling and it's so hot outside, I tend to have a craving for ice cream. From our guide books, we researched two ice cream parlors in Saigon.

Kem Bach Dang
This was a decent place, but not satisfying nor fun like an ice cream parlor should be.

Coconut Ice Cream
In a coconut shell with fruits, sweets and chocolate ice cream. The fruits and sweets were compatible and refreshing toppings, but the chocolate ice cream felt out of place with the coconut ice cream. The two didn't go together, and the taste of the coconut ice cream got lost. Nicely presented, but the execution wasn't there.

Fanny Ice Cream
Now this is an ice cream parlor! A fun, bright, and cool atmosphere. Check out the menu on their website to see their awesome ice cream presentations.

Vietnamese Coffee
With condensed milk. Yum...but I definitely was through with sugar for the rest of the day after this place.

La Campagne
Soursop, Anise, and Young Rice ice creams. We asked to choose our own ice cream flavors, and they readily accepted. Each scoop of flavor was creamy and full of taste!


Walter said...

Where is La Campagne? It sounds fantastic.
You should try "Kem Y Goody" - it's a real hangout for young Saigon yuppies. And the two Godfather restaurants.

Angela said...

La Campagne was the name of our ice cream order. The pictures on the menu are exactly like how they are presented to your table.

Thanks for the recommendations! I'll definitely check those places out the next time I'm in Saigon :)