Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mekong Delta Tour: Day One

My best friend and I flew into Vietnam with the most minimal of plans: Arrive on Monday night and book our hotel until Wednesday. We'd figure out the rest when we get there. On Tuesday, we decided to extend our stay in Ho Chi Minh City for an extra day to give us more time in the city and to give us more time to figure our part two of our trip. While walking around the city, we stumbled upon Asiana Travel Mate. They are a local travel agency that offered an attractive tour around the Mekong Delta. For $265, we experienced three days and two nights of unforgettable cultural fun. The two hotels we stayed in were clean and comfortable. And, we had a private tour guide with our own driver and car. If you are interested in touring Southern Vietnam and the Mekong Delta, I would highly recommend this agency.

Here is a slideshow of pictures from Day One of our tour. (I'm trying out a new slideshow. Move your mouse cursor over each of the pictures as they come down to view the captions.)

Local Fruits
I was so fascinated with all the local fruits growing in trees and bushes. Here are a few of the ones I came across:

Dragon Fruit



Banana Blossom

Cocoa Nut

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