Monday, May 11, 2015

Always revisiting Tokyo

Tokyo is one of those cities that leaves you wanting more.  One trip, two trips, x number of trips are not enough to be satisfied.  It's so repeatable.  You can always discover new areas in the city and constantly go back to the same places which feel familiar.  Japan and Tokyo are always updating and improving.

We made it a family trip with my little nephews, so it was a balance of shopping in Ginza and a journey to Tokyo Bay for the Legoland Discovery Center.

Here are some pictures from our hotel, around Ginza, and at Legoland:

View from the Palace Hotel Tokyo at night

More views from the Palace Hotel
Imperial Palace Gardens and grounds

Amenities for children at the Palace Hotel

Shopping in Mitsukoshi Ginza

View from Tokyo Bay

Lego rendition of Decks Mall, home of Legoland Discovery Center in Tokyo

Famous Tokyo landmarks built with Lego pieces

Shibuya Crossing, with a multitude of Lego people

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