Monday, February 17, 2014

Japan for the Holidays

Back in Tokyo!  This time, it was for the holidays.  The last time our family celebrated a winter-cold holiday was in New York City right in the middle of Snowpocalypse.  While snow didn't hit the cities we visited this time around, it was definitely a chilly trip.  But, Tokyo is the perfect place for any weather because of it's amazing underground world.

We stayed at the Palace Hotel Tokyo again.  It's the perfect location if you want to be based in Marunouchi and near the Tokyo Station.  Like with all our favorite cities, we revisited restaurants we enjoyed in previous visits.  Some were consistent, and others like Birdland were unfortunately inconsistent with it's quality of food.

We also discovered new eats in our vicinity.  For breakfast I was hooked on 7-11's hardboiled eggs.  It's perfectly cooked and beautifully orange.  Japanese convenience stores serve some incredible food, no joke.  And sometimes there's nothing more comforting and clean than a good plate of soba.  It's so refreshing and satisfying all at the same time.  And because it was winter, we found comfort in hot meals like Japanese curries and tsukemen.  Filling and warms you right up.

The best part about eating in Tokyo is that you walk so much everyday.  My fitness band logged in an average of 20,000 steps each day.  It makes eating all those carbs a reward.

Back in Tokyo!
View of Marunouchi from our balcony in the Palace Hotel Tokyo

Christmas Eve crowd
After mass at St. Ignatius in Sophia University

Exactly like the picture
Hard-boiled egg for breakfast from 7-11

Yakitori at Birdland
As much as I enjoyed the first meal, this second time sadly was inconsistent.

Pizza at Serafina
Quality pizza with unwelcoming service.

Soba lunch set
Three tiers of soba.  So fresh, refreshing, and satisfying.

Hamburg Steak
Japanese hamburg steak in a demi-glace sauce.

Japanese Beef Curry
This is seriously one of those comfort foods that hit the spot.  Few places make it with that deep beef taste.

Beef Curry Set at Hot Spoon
A chain of curry restaurants serving the meals in sizzling bowls.

Caramel Cake from Tokyo Station
Caramel freshly poured over the rolled cake

Enjoying the cake at the hotel
With bits of burnt caramel in the icing.  

Waiting in line in Ramen Street in Tokyo Station

The David Chang hyped Tsukemen
Heavy, filling, and so so good.

Standing Sushi Bar in Tokyo Station

Comparing chutoro and otoro
Otoro (in the middle) wins.  I could eat here for days.

Salted Caramel Galette at Cafe Breizh
In Takashimaya's restaurant floors.  So thin, crispy, and balanced with the perfect amount of salted caramel sauce.

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