Friday, February 21, 2014

Spanish cuisine in Tokyo

Aside from yakitori in Ootemori (the Otemachi tower) in Marunouchi, you can find the world's cuisines in the surrounding restaurants.  There's really something for everyone and for every mood.  Plus, you're in Japan.  And Japanese can make a cuisine even better than the original.  French macarons in Japan are near perfect, and I've heard even better than some of the good patisseries in Paris.  Japanized Italian food is amazing.  The pastas are perfectly al dente and saucy, and the pizzas are perfection (more on the pizzas in my Osaka posts coming up).

So, when we saw a new Japanized Spanish restaurant, we had to try it out.  Spanish food, after all, is one of our family favorites.  La Pesquera has a menu full of classic tapas and entrees, cooked with a Japanese touch - in that, some of the flavors are catered to the Japanese palate.  Overall, the experience was enjoyable in a great atmosphere with good service.  However, after trying this restaurant's interpretation of Spanish food, I prefer the traditional dishes in Spain.  In future trips back to Japan, I definitely have to try out more Spanish restaurants to get a better gauge of Spanish cuisine in Japan.  In all honesty, though, after traveling around in Spain and having a mom who cooks amazing Spanish dishes, it's a high bar when it comes to eating great Spanish cuisine.


Sangria Amarillo
Yellow from bananas and passion fruit

Pica pica to start the meal
Light bacalao mixture spread on bread

Like in Europe, bread is made to order/charged

Grilled vegetables

Cebiche atun y aguacate
Ceviche of tuna and avocado

Bunuelo bacalao
Cod and potato croquette

Gambas a la plancha
Grilled prawns

Callos al madrileno
Stewed tripe

Mariscos al graten
Oyster gratin

Calamari in its squid ink

Canelones con cerdo
Pork cannelloni

Paella Mariscos Pez
Mixed seafood paella

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