Monday, March 30, 2015

Dining at The Commissary in San Francisco

Trips back to San Francisco always mean nostalgic eats of old favorites, that sometimes date back to my grade school days, and discoveries of newly opened restaurants around the bay and particularly in the city.

Nostalgic eats in my next post.  First, a discovery of a newer restaurant I've been wanting to try out since it opened.  The Commissary over in the Presidio is a destination spot that's perfect on a gorgeous day or night in the city.  Traci Des Jardins adds Spanish influence to her Californian cuisine - tapas to share and entrees for bigger appetites.

There are multiple dining areas - outdoor for those special nice days in the city, a spacious main dining area with large tables to order many tapas, and a bar area with an open kitchen in the back.  The restaurant has noticeable Californian influence with local ingredients and entrees, but the heart of the restaurant honors Spanish cuisine and culture.  Respect of fresh ingredients, simplicity with flavor, and social dining.  Good food and good company all the way.

Salt cod fritters, lemon aioli

Little gem salad, manchego, cured anchovy, fried bread

Salmon roe on avocado on toast

Octopus, potatoes, olives, lemon

Special of the day.  Sweetbreads

Jamon wrapped trout, trumpet mushrooms, sherry, tarragon

Warm chocolate souffle cake, saffron caramel ice cream, citrus
 and Buñuelos

Espresso and an oloroso to cap the night

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