Thursday, December 18, 2014

Finally made it to State Bird Provisions

Just as the State Bird Provisions team opens up their second concept, Progress, I finally got to try the much-talked about restaurant a few months ago.  SBP has gotten incredible critical acclaim from top reviewers and the everyday folk eating there.

All these rave reviews and hype... they are accurate.  The food covers the globe, with a lot of Japanese and Asian influences.  And because of that Asian touch, with the relaxed vibe, this place is such a hit.

Reservations in SBP is not easy.  OpenTable 60 days in advance, or line up early for a walk in spot.  It's worth the anticipation either way.  My friends were kind enough to email the restaurant to secure a table for 8.  If you get to the restaurant early, they encourage you to have a glass of wine around the corner at Fat Angel to kill the time.  Wine really helps to spark your appetite.

Our party of 8 had a pre-set menu of 4 courses, which included 17 dishes, and any more dishes we wanted to of red wine and a glass of white (with a meal this eclectic, a red and white is a must to pair all the foods), the price is so affordable for all that you get.  It's really like you're eating in Europe and Asia.

All was served as little bites and family style.  This really emphasizes the relaxed, friendly atmosphere.  These are the kind of places I love because they remind me of Spain's tapas bars and Japan's yakitori shops.  There's absolutely no pretense - it's just the food and your companions.  Casual surroundings, serious eating.

4 courses, 17 dishes

Our magnum selection

Hog Island sweet oyster, spicy kohirabi kraut, and sesame

Albacore tartate, black garlic aioli, and seaweed cracker

Chanterelle toast

Sourdough, sauerkraut, pecorino, and ricotta pancakes

Duck liver mousse with almond biscuit

Garlic bread with burrata

Pork belly plum salad

Maitake and duck "fried rice"

CA state bird with provisions

As though there wasn't enough food, we ordered this a la carte selection
Roasted bone marrow with chanterelles and pink peppercorn

Oolong "ice cream" sandwich, hazelnut, apple umeboshi compote

Raspberry jam and lardy-rye turnover, pistachio frangipane, cocoa nib cloud cream

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