Thursday, December 11, 2014

Contigo in the Noe Valley

Aside from the eating and drinking, Spanish tapas is so enjoyable because of its social aspect.  Tapas is designed for groups to enjoy the night together, and the more you eat and drink the more you enjoy your social environment.

San Francisco has a big selection of Spanish restaurants.  Wanting to try something new, Contigo in Noe Valley was a great choice to nibble on tapas and catch up with friends.  Noe Valley is a quieter neighborhood in the city that has that restaurants with big flavors and that small neighborhood friendly vibe.

Contigo's Catalan inspired dishes are plated for sharing.  They have small bites that you would find at typical tapas and pinchos bars, as well as bigger plates, or raciones.  They have classic plates like boquerones (white anchovies) and albondigas (meatballs), as well as dishes serving seasonal selections.  The cocas (Spanish flatbread, aka pizza) have toppings highlighting was freshest in the markets at the moment.

Contigo means "with you", making this restaurant is a perfect place for smaller groups, dates, and neighborhood families to enjoy conversation over a meal with good food and quality Spanish drinks.

Seard caña de cabra goat cheese
With pears, persimmons, arugula, hazelnuts, fennel, basil, px vinagreta


Boquerones fritos
Fried anchovies with a romesco sauce

Spanish pizza or flatbread

Pork, lamb, and jamon meatballs in tomato sherry sauce

Arroz caldo de pato
Rice in soup with duck

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