Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Modern Vietnamese at Xanh

When I first moved to Asia last year, I would find myself really craving for Mexican food. My cravings for foods that I grew up with change each time I revisited the states. Mexican, burgers, pizza, ramen, and so on. This time around, I had a craving for Vietnamese cuisine.

Because I come from a family that doesn't plan ahead and doesn't really make reservations until the day of, we weren't able to land a table in Slanted Door. That is my favorite Vietnamese restaurant (Out the Door, included) in San Francisco.

So instead, we revisited Xanh, a Vietnamese restaurant in the Bay Area. We first went to Xanh when it first opened years ago. When they moved locations, across the street, we never had a chance to try it out again. The newer location is nicely set up with a few dining areas and a bar/lounge.

The food has modern presentations, while enjoying it all family style. Overall, the food is enjoyable. But, when you expect Slanted Door quality, it's kind of disappointing. I found myself constantly thinking, "This is okay but Slanted Door does it so much better." I definitely need to book ahead at Slanted Door the next time I'm in the Bay Area.

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