Tuesday, May 03, 2011

New York's Grimaldi's in Las Vegas

When I'm back in the states, I have specific cravings. Burritos, ramen, burgers, pizza, beers, bloody marys..My stomach just grumbled..

My pizza craving was totally satisfied. I enjoyed it in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and in New Haven. I love artisan and Neapolitan pizzas. The toppings are quality and the pie is chewy, yet fluffy, yet crispy and well baked. Just pure goodness.

In Las Vegas we visited the newly opened Grimaldi's Pizzeria. Yup, Grimaldi's from New York. The interior is very family oriented and welcoming. We went there twice. The food is hit and miss. The first time was a fantastic first impression. The pizzas were perfectly baked and delicious. The second time around, the wait for our pizzas was ridiculous and the pies came out overbaked and overly crisp. If you do go, hopefully you'll catch it on their better days.

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