Friday, May 20, 2011

Comparing Plane Food

When I was living and traveling in the U.S., I grew used to traveling on the domestic airlines. Passengers go in and out of planes as though they are buses. Meal service is simply complimentary juices or sodas, and maybe even a snack on Business or First Class.

Then last year I moved to Asia and began to enjoy the Asian hospitality in the air. Even for flights that are less than two hours, there is an actual meal service, whether you're in Economy, Business, or First Class. It may just be a sandwich and a drink, but it's far better than just a drink. It's amazing because these planes carry more passengers than the flights in the U.S.

On my last trip, I took a couple camera pictures of the extreme range of meal service. The first is on a flight from Connecticut to Nevada. A 6 hour flight on Southwest Airlines.

The second is on a flight from Hong Kong to Manila. A less than 2 hour flight on Cathay Pacific.

These two pictures are on opposite ends of the spectrum. On SW, there are no seat assignments, and there is no class division. On CX, we flew First Class and enjoyed the plating and variety of choices.

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