Monday, May 09, 2011

Alfajores - An Argentinian Treat

Every country has a variety of specialties when it comes to food. They range from appetizers to desserts and drinks.

One specialty of Argentina is their dessert cookies - alfajores. Alfajores are basically biscuit cookies sandwiching a layer of dulce de leche.

I recently discovered these cookies because my brother had a batch of homemade alfajores in his place - made by his Argentinian friend's mother. The biscuits were not overly sweet, so the dulce the leche could be the star. The biscuits were crumbly good, too.

Two weeks later, I came across alfajores again at a neighborhood market in New Haven, CT. I had to try it to compare. Also homemade, and this time they were coated with coconut. A bit on the drier and flakier side, and a bit sweeter. I preferred the first batch I tasted, but nonetheless still really enjoyed these Argentinian cookies.

It's always a treat to discover new foods, sweets, and drinks. And it's even better when you get to try various versions to compare the works of each baker and cook.

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