Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holsteins - Shakes & Buns

A new hotel on the Las Vegas Strip means there are new restaurants to try out! At The Cosmopolitan hotel the first restaurant I tried out was Holsteins - Shakes & Buns.

There were hits and misses throughout the meal, but the main star (the burger) shined. There were missing factors in the restaurant (as it just opened a few days ago), such as some beers on draft and the coffee not being hot enough (it wasn't even steaming). Our two orders of "Tiny Buns" were not completely satisfying - as in, it did not "wow" us. The appetizers are a fun list. That's definitely something I'd like to come back for. As for the burgers, it definitely satisfied our burger craving. I know I can come back here the next time I'm craving for a quality burger.

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Restauranti said...

Do you think they will improve the quality of the food over time? It seems to have great potential.

Angela said...

I think they'll definitely improve over time. It seems like they are working out the kinks from opening week. The atmosphere and menu concepts are great. It's a great competitor to the other burger places along The Strip.