Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cebu Lechon in Cebu!

While planning this trip, I had anticipated at eating lechon would be one of the highlights of visiting Cebu. And, boy, was I right!! Eating lechon goes right up there with snorkeling!

I asked some locals for their advice for where to get some lechon. Right away, they pointed us to CnT Lechon. Thank you for a great recommendation!! We were soo ready to eat lechon that we ordered one kilo (and we were only two small Asians)! And yet, we found a way to finish our plates! It's not just because we were hungry, it's because it was that good!

No wonder Anthony Bourdain proclaimed that his best pig was in the Philippines, specifically Cebu! On our last day, we tried going to Zubuchon where I read Bourdain went, but we ended up at a food stall where they sold take out packages by the kilo. Zubuchon is actually just these food stalls and caters to whole lechon orders, not a restaurant. In any case, it seems as though I really am stalking Bourdain - Cupertino, Bale Dutung, here in Cebu...where to next, Chef?

Here is a slideshow of our Cebu Lechon in Cebu! (Place your cursor above "Notes" for more descriptions)
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