Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dim Sum Buffet at Li Li

I've learned that the term "buffet" here does not necessarily mean that food scene where all the dishes are laid out in the restaurant (and get cold, mushy, oily, and whatever else). Here, several restaurants offering buffets, as in you can order from the buffet menu and they'll make it fresh to order.

Whenever I have a craving for Chinese food (and it's usually for dim sum and not for the entree dishes), I try to patiently wait until my next trip to Hong Kong. Sometimes, though, you just can't put off a craving - especially when you find out other people in your household have been craving it, too.

To fulfill our cravings, we went to Li Li at the Hyatt. It's built a reputation for having solid Chinese cuisine. Unfortunately, for the afternoon we went, it was kind of disappointing. On a non-food related note, I really didn't like that this table next to us moved to the sitting area throughout their meal to smoke. The sitting area was open to the dining area. I guess this is food related because the smell of the smoke affects your sense of smell to eat. They need an enclosed smoking area if patrons really need to smoke during the meal. As for the meal itself, a lot of the dishes were just decent and not spectacular for our palates. We left the meal wondering where we could go to really fulfill our cravings.

Here are pictures from our meal:
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