Wednesday, November 20, 2013

La Boqueria in Barcelona

Back in Barcelona.  Last time, we were classic tourists walking through all of Gaudi's masterpieces throughout the city.  The city was quieter just ten years ago.  Now the city is crammed with tourists from all over the world.

For any food lover, La Boqueria is a standard.  It's one of the world's most known food markets and is definitely impressive.  It overflows with fresh produce, meats, fishes, and foods to eat on the spot.  All the products are high quality and worthy of this world class market.

Go early, you'll walk among locals and those in the food industry.  Go later in the morning and early afternoon, you'll walk among hoards of tourists.  My advice is to go early and plan on eating your way around the market as you feast your eyes on all the goods.

Bombarded with fresh produce, local goods, and colors

Fresh fruits artfully displayed

Pimientos de padrones.  Typically cooked a la plancha in tapas bars.  One of my favorites

Wooden crates of mushrooms.  Look at that variety and those colors

Nuts, raw and roasted. Fruits, candied and dried

Turrones.  Spanish nougat made from local almonds

Foie gras.  This picture for you, California

Burritos.  Definitely not the burritos we know

Small empanadas, tarts, etc.  Basically, fried goodness

Also found on sticks

More food on sticks.  Jamón, chorizo, and bread.  Perfect for eating while strolling around the market

More jamón and chorizos to nibble on in the market

Couldn’t just look at these jamón cones.  They are as good as it looks

So much eating in the market, so of course there’s also drinking.  You can drink here or take the glass around and drink it in the market.  Just don’t forget to bring the glass back

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