Monday, November 25, 2013

A vacation away from the vacation in Palma de Mallorca

Time for a vacation away from the vacation.  In Spain, there's no better place for this than in the Balearic Islands.  Less than an hour away from Barcelona by plane, Palma de Mallorca has it all - beaches, mountains, shopping, culture, history, and amazing food and wine.  It's literally a breathe of fresh air coming from the hoards of tourists in Barcelona.

Mallorca is especially exciting for our family of food lovers because of the island's creation of ensaimada.  But more on Mallorcan food and our eats in my next post...

For now, a little glimpse into our 3 days and 2 nights on the island.  From walking around, and especially in driving around, you can immediately tell this is Europe's playground - just take a look at Puerto Portals, Mallorca's port with hundreds and hundreds of yachts of huge proportions.

Flying into Palma de Mallorca

Panorama of the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma

The Cathedral is also known as La Seu

Inside La Seu

The gaudy light above the altar created by Antoni Gaudi in the early 20th century

Capella de Sant Pere
A chapel dedicated to Saint Peter.  Designed by local Mallorcan artist, Miquel Barceló

The many play structures in Mallorca (and seen throughout the country)

Clean, orderly streets in Central Palma

The narrow streets throughout the city

The quiet streets of Old Town

Central Palma at night

Endless sea of boats, catamarans, and yachts

Morning from Palma

Blue skies, blue waters - this is the vacation life.

Panorama of our morning view

The landscape scenery on our drive through the island

A picnic up in the mountains

An old watch tower

From beaches to greenery - nonstop gorgeous views throughout the island

Beautiful scenes even with the clouds coming in

Sunset over Palma

Zooming in on the parking lot of yachts

The last shot of water before flying out of Palma

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