Friday, June 15, 2012

Local eats around the streets of Bangkok

Touring Bangkok this time around on this food tour was a fun and tasty adventure all around the city.  We ate well at local hidden gems, filling up on some of Bangkok's classic street foods:

~ Thai boat noodle shop is a staple on boat vendors and at food stalls and soup shops.  It's like the Thai's version of Vietnamese pho.

~ Pad Thai, probably one of the best known Thai dishes around the world.  Everyone has their own version and presentation.  From a street vendor, ours was beautifully wrapped in a thin omelet pouch which held together a generous serving of noodles, served with fresh vegetables.  Street food with fresh vegetables - I love it.

~ Crab Omelet at Jay Fai was one of my favorite dishes of the trip.  This seemed so simple, yet so packed with flavor.  Fresh crab meat and some crab fat rolled in batter and fried, paired with a Thai sriracha dipping sauce for a little spicy kick.  I could eat that over rice for days.  Jay Fai was a great dinner place for local seafood dishes.  Each one had its unique flavor of spice or herbs or a classic gravy sauce.  Local street food done so well.

During our tour, we also had a couple moments to unwind with cocktails and mocktails.  In the midst of Bangkok's summer heat, a cold cocktail is a true relief.  Arun Residences by the River is a restaurant and bar by the Chao Phraya River with some fun concoctions to sip on while taking a break from the bustle of the city.  There's always a good reason to relax with a drink.

If you can't see the slide show, check out my Flickr album: Local Eats


The Mommist said...

Everything looks great! I can't wait to try those! :)

Angela said...

Thank you! Yes, everything we ate was memorable and repeatable :)