Friday, June 22, 2012

Bo Lan - Sustainable & Seasonal Thai Cuisine

Our last dinner in Thailand.  There's no better way to end the weekend's food tour than with a tasting menu full of Bangkok's seasonal treats.  Bo.lan is a Thai restaurant that boasts of its sustainable and seasonal Thai cooking.  "Sustainable" and "seasonal" - two words that instantly attract me when it comes to local cooking and eating.  Using the freshest and the best of what's available - that's the heart of local cuisine.

Bo.lan offers traditional Thai cuisine presented classically and with modern variations.  You have a choice of the A la Carte menu and the Bo.lan Balance menu (the tasting menu).  If you make the effort to come here, go with the tasting menu.  It's just over $50 USD, soo reasonable compared to tasting menus in the states.

The menu starts the night off properly...with alcohol!.  These guys know how to treat their guests to a good night.  The drink is followed with a generous amuse bouche plate - sort of an introduction to the range of flavors that Thai cuisine offers.  And then the main event is in true Asian fashion, family style.

The tasting menu changes every quarter, and the restaurant even offers Saturday cooking classes for a hands-on demonstration on how to make a range of Thai dishes.  Two incentives to go back!

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